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Introducing our Luminosity Fortnite Team

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The biggest streamer on the planet!

TikTok stars join Luminosity

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September 12 - 12:00am
ChinaNguyen vs Luminosity Gaming
September 3 - 5:10pm
Vancouver Titans0
Washington Justice3
Titans vs Washington Justice
August 22 - 7:56pm
Vancouver Titans0
Los Angeles Valiant3
Titans vs Los Angeles Valiant
August 21 - 3:00pm
Vancouver Titans3
Boston Uprising0
Titans vs Boston Uprising
August 19 - 12:00am
Seattle Surge0
Paris Legion3
Surge Playoffs Round 1
August 16 - 6:25pm
Vancouver Titans3
Atlanta Reign1
Titans vs Atlanta Reign
August 15 - 5:00pm
Vancouver Titans
Dallas Fuel
Titans vs Dallas Fuel
August 15 - 4:56pm
Vancouver Titans0
Dallas Fuel3
Titans vs Dallas Fuel
August 14 - 3:00pm
Vancouver Titans1
Florida Mayhem3
Titans vs Florida Mayhem
August 7 - 3:00pm
Vancouver Titans0
Atlanta Reign3
Titans vs Atlanta Reign

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Jun 16

I Played Mobile during #FREEFORTNITE

Sep 16 | Youtube


Sep 13 | Youtube

5 mill subs! || USE CODE FRESH || !socials !newvid || #epicpartner

Jun 01 | Twitch


May 07 | Youtube

we brought back this old meme...

Apr 20 | Youtube

Muselk VS Fresh

Jul 31 | Youtube

Luminosity Gaming signs Australian Fortnite pro Mrfreshasian

Mar 21 | dotesports

MrFreshAsian crowned Shorty Awards Streamer of the Year

May 04 | dailyesports

Mrfreshasian’s Fortnite settings and keybinds

Jun 14 | dotesports

Lazerbeam destroys Mrfreshasian in a wager match

Jul 27 | Essentially Sprots

Tori Pareno

cozy chatting & singing stream

Sep 15 | Twitch

Fall Guys is the most FRUSTRATING game I've ever played...

Aug 29 | Youtube

why they couldn't trust me AT ALL in Among Us...

Sep 05 | Youtube


Dec 18 | Youtube

BIG STREAMER GAVE ME WHAT?!? - Fortnite Stream Highlights!

Mar 30 | Youtube

Real Girl Hours

Jul 07 | Twitch

A Fortnite Love Story - Girl Wins Prom Date With TSM Myth After Hitting Retweet Target

May 18 | Dexerto

The viral hand trick that will blow your mind and blew up the internet

Jul 17

This teenager's optical illusion video on TikTok has people scratching their heads

Dec 02 | Yahoo News

Kim Possible cosplay brings back iconic childhood crush with chic Shego

Jun 17 | Dexerto


The Gorger loot ONLY Challenge!

Sep 15 | Youtube

How many players can IronMan repulsor Eliminate

Sep 11 |

Muselk VS Fresh

Jul 31 | Youtube

*NEW* TRAP TUNNEL RACE Gamemode In Fortnite Battle Royale!

Aug 02 | Youtube

Duos With *NINJA* In Fortnite Battle Royale!

Mar 25 | Youtube

Winning Fortnite WITHOUT AIMING (No-Scopes Only)

Jul 15 | Youtube

Muselk VS Fresh

Jul 31 | Youtube

YouTube Signs Creators LazarBeam And Muselk, Poaches 100 Thieves Member Valkyrae From Twitch

Jan 13 | tubefilter

Muselk ruins MrFreshAsian’s Fortnite games with hilarious keyboard prank

Jan 28 | dexerto

Muselk breaks obscure Fortnite world record without using weapons

Apr 10 | dexerto

Seattle Surge

Surge & Titans Partner with Adamas Esports

Jul 21

Surge Forced to Forfeit

Jul 21

Surge Lineup Change

Jul 21

Operation is a go: Here are your Seattle Surge

Sep 23 | Youtube

Vancouver Titans

Titans Partnership Renewal

Jul 21

Titans Unveil New Roster

Jul 21

Welcome Shockwave!

Jul 21

Surge & Titans Partner with Adamas Esports

Jul 21

Luminosity Ambassadors

Richard Sherman Joins Luminosity!

Jul 30

Sherman and Slay Playing Call of Duty for COVID Relief

Jul 30

Trevor May Joins Luminosity!

Jul 30

ZHU Partners with Enthusiast Gaming

Mar 30

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I Was Pretending To Be A Real DEFAULT SKIN In Fortnite BUT CLUTCHED an INSANE WIN!

Apr 19 | Youtube

Can ANOMALY beat a team of VALORANT PROS?!

Aug 25 | Youtube

BIG STREAMER GAVE ME WHAT?!? - Fortnite Stream Highlights!

Mar 30 | Youtube

13k quadstick only record

May 26 | Twitch

Muselk VS Fresh

Jul 31 | Youtube

Luminosity Gaming is one of the largest globally recognized esports organizations in North America.

  Our mission is to support the communities created by our athletes, ambassadors, and creators to provide a long lasting career in professional gaming. At the same time, we are passionately invested in the growth of esports and contribute to it's rapidly excelling growth. Enthusiast Gaming's (the Parent Company of Luminosity) mission is to build the largest network of communities for gamers and esports fans. Luminosity Gaming is uniquely positioned to support the growing legion of competitors, creators, and ambassadors that have joined our #LGLOYAL community; Including powerhouse teams such as the Seattle Surge and Vancouver Titans. Stepping forward into the future has never been more exciting for us at Luminosity Gaming. With new influencers, brand ambassadors, and competitive players announced regularly - the future looks very bright for Luminosity!