Luminosity is continuing its strong push into the creator-sphere by adding Five new names to its Talent Roster. This diverse group of creators plays a wide variety of games and caters to a massive audience across Twitch and other social platforms.

Hambinooo, A PUBG content creator has been gaming for fifteen years and streaming full-time for the last three. Finding his start as a professional player, he transitioned to streaming and content creation at the end of his career. When Hambinooo isn’t playing PUBG, he enjoys IRL streaming hsi rounds of golf. You can find Hambinooo live most weekdays at

JennySmiles is a variety content creator. She’s curated a growing online community dedicated to positivity and encouraging others. You can find her having fun on Twitch streaming Fortnite, Warzone, or Apex at

Jay3 is a retired professional Overwatch player who now focuses on streaming and content creation. He’s been streaming for over six years and has found his footing by showcasing his DPS skills and positivity to his community. You can find Jay’s streams at

Katlyne is a variety streamer based in Mexico. Kat has been gaming for many years, but when she started to combine her love for streaming with her passion for cosplay, her streams soared to new heights. You can find Kat live on her Twitch channel at

Moose is a Canadian variety content creator currently focusing on Apex Legends. Moose strives to be competitive in every title he plays and he aims to display his skill in his Twitch and YouTube content. You can find Moose live on Twitch at and you can find his Youtube content on his channel, here.

Luminosity has many more creator announcements on the way, so stay tuned to our Twitter to stay up to date with all of our announcements.