Luminosity Gaming and Metafy Unveil Game-Changing Sponsorship for Super Smash Bros Ultimate Free Agents

Luminosity Gaming, in collaboration with Metafy, is pioneering a new sponsorship initiative that brings an unprecedented opportunity to free agent Super Smash Bros Ultimate players. The objective of this novel undertaking is to provide these players with a platform to showcase their skills in some of the biggest upcoming tournaments.They'll not only compete side by side with the best Smash Ultimate roster of all-time but will also do so under the prestigious Luminosity Gaming banner. 

The sponsorship provides more than just team affiliation and unprecedented support from Metafy, it offers a platform for talented players looking for their big break in the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros Ultimate The selected free agents will get the full Luminosity experience and a place to tell their unique stories, on Metafy.

The first instance of this multi-event partnership will unfold at the highly-anticipated GOML 2023, happening from Friday, July 20th to Sunday, July 23rd. Over the coming days, keep a close eye on Luminosity's social media as we reveal the two inaugural members of the Luminosity x Metafy sponsorship. These lucky individuals will embody the hope and potential this partnership symbolizes, blazing a trail for future free agents looking to turn their gaming dreams into reality.

This collaboration between Luminosity and Metafy promises to deliver exciting content and opportunities in the future. So, make sure to stay connected on their social media platforms. This venture isn't just about developing individual talent, but about creating an inclusive, dynamic future for the Smash community. So stay tuned, as there is plenty more to come from this ground-breaking partnership.