Luminosity Signs the PUBG Roster, "STK"

Get your pans ready. Luminosity is back in the PUBG esports scene and looking stronger than ever.

In 2017, Luminosity exploded onto the PUBG scene by winning the Gamescom PUBG Invitational. This roster included Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Srassel, JP2, Chipzy, and Aydren. Now, it’s time for Luminosity PUBG to return to form by acquiring the “Shoot to Kill” roster.

This roster includes:

PurdyKurty (Player)

Penta (Player)

ALoW (Player)

Luke12 (Player)

Gunner (Coach)

Previously competing under the TSM banner, this roster has solidified itself as one of the best rosters in the world. At the 2021 PUBG Global Championship, they finished in an impressive 4th place and took home $275,000. 

During the 2022 season, STK has placed 2nd at the ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 1, and 7th at PUBG Continental Series 6. These placements have earned them 210 PGC points, putting them in a strong position to qualify for this year’s PUBG Global Championship. Luminosity PUBG will be in action starting on July 22nd for the ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 2 tournament.

About Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming is one of the largest globally recognized esports organizations in North America. Our mission is to support the communities created by our athletes, ambassadors, and creators to provide a long-lasting career in professional gaming. At the same time, we are passionately invested in the growth of esports and contribute to it’s rapidly excelling growth. Enthusiast Gaming (the Parent Company of Luminosity) mission is to build the largest network of communities for gamers and esports fans. Luminosity Gaming is uniquely positioned to support the growing legion of competitors, creators, and ambassadors that have joined our #LGLOYAL community; Including powerhouse teams such as the Seattle Surge and Vancouver Titans. Stepping forward into the future has never been more exciting for us at Luminosity Gaming. With new influencers, brand ambassadors, and competitive players announced regularly – the future looks very bright for Luminosity!