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BabyCappah wins $100,000 Luminosity Gaming Rising Stars sponsorship at EGLX

Muselk and xQc both picked the same up-and-comer.

To end off four full days of incredible gaming content, Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) wrapped up by rewarding one up-and-coming streamer with a $100,000 Luminosity Gaming sponsorship for winning the Rising Stars reality competition.

After more than a month of preliminary challenges and judging, a panel featuring top Luminosity creators Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Elliott “Muselk” Watkins selected BabyCappah as the next gaming superstar.

Cappah was an early favorite for fans who watched Rising Stars before EGLX began, but as the spotlight got brighter, his energy became more infectious. He put it all on the line to chase an opportunity to become a content creator, even sharing that he was fired from his day job because he was grinding towards the Luminosity sponsorship. 

From over 3,000 submissions, down to 32 live contestants that made it to audition in front of judges, down to just the final three streamers, Cappah, Foxyzilla, and Joshua “VHS” Alfaro all put on a great final show. It came down to Muselk’s vote, which he gave to Cappah after xQc voted for the energetic superstar-to-be. 

After his win, Cappah called his mom live on stream, thanking her for everything and telling her he had just changed his life, all while the chat enjoyed the wholesome interaction. 

Once he finally ended his stream, Cappah posted his statistics, showing that he had gained 1,121 followers, 81 subscribers, and peaked at 1,096 viewers while winning Rising Stars. Now he will have a chance to grow those numbers and become a staple in Luminosity’s talent lineup with his new sponsorship as the organization works with him on his brand. 

You can check out LG Cappah on his official Twitch channel and Twitter.