Luminosity Enters Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Competitive Scene.

Luminosity is continuing its goals of maintaining a dominant roster of competitors in a wide range of titles, this time in Smash Ultimate.

Maister, currently ranked 6th in the world, is moving his talents under the Luminosity banner. After leaving his previous sponsor, Maister continued to dominate tournaments around the world as a free agent. His recent placements include: 

  • 2nd – Lost Tech City (S Tier)
  • 2nd – Super Smash Con (S Tier)
  • 5th – Smash Factor 9 (S Tier)
  • 2nd – Colossal 2022 (S Tier)
  • 3rd – Momocon (S Tier)

Maister’s next competition will be at the Ludwig Invitational in Las Vegas on October 21st.

About Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming is one of the largest globally recognized esports organizations in North America. Our mission is to support the communities created by our athletes, ambassadors, and creators to provide a long-lasting career in professional gaming. At the same time, we are passionately invested in the growth of esports and contribute to it’s rapidly excelling growth. Enthusiast Gaming (the Parent Company of Luminosity) mission is to build the largest network of communities for gamers and esports fans. Luminosity Gaming is uniquely positioned to support the growing legion of competitors, creators, and ambassadors that have joined our #LGLOYAL community; Including powerhouse teams such as the Seattle Surge and Vancouver Titans. Stepping forward into the future has never been more exciting for us at Luminosity Gaming. With new influencers, brand ambassadors, and competitive players announced regularly – the future looks very bright for Luminosity!