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Fextralife and Luminosity Gaming Join Forces!

Today at Luminosity Gaming we are proud to announce our new and exciting partnership with Fextralife, the largest RPG and MMORPG community in the world and their streaming team – Cas, Yuria, and Tyr, to host epic challenge runs, insane MMORPG esports tournaments, dramatic competitions & much, much, more!

Starting in 2008 with a focus on Demon’s Souls, Fextralife has now expanded to almost 200 various game wikis and 100k register editors – and is growing daily! Fextralife joined Twitch in order to provide more interactivity between their community and their team.

Now, Luminosity Gaming and Fextralife have decided to join forces and bring even more gamers together through fun community esports events and challenges.

Stay tuned for our next event and welcome Fextralife to the LG family!

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