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New Fortnite Team

Meet our new roster of Fortnite pros:

#eclipsae eclipsae

Fortnite player, content creator, social influencer; whichever you follow Eclipsae for, he does it with success. By providing entertaining content, he has grown Twitter following to over 38,000 and Twitch to over 14,000!


A young Fortnite gamer and content creator quickly on the rise, Sommerset began streaming in the summer of 2019 and has continued to grow her follower and fanbase ever since with over 150,000 followers on Twitch, over 22,000 on Instagram, and over 12,000 on Twitter she will continue to provide strong content going into the future!


Jamper is a young Fortnite player and content creator that has quickly grown his brand by providing strong and exciting content to his followers. He has recently grown his Twitch following to over 20,000, and will continue to do so going forward!


Keys, a professional Fortnite player, often alongside Slackes. With success in a number of tournaments, combined with providing consistent content for his fans, Keys has been able to more than double his Twitch following in 2020!


Often playing with Keys, Slackes has endured success in recent tournaments while providing entertaining content for his fans and followers. He has been able to more than double his Twitch followers in the new year, bringing the total to just under 30,000!

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