Bobby Solez

Bobby Toub

Social Influencer, Gamer, Sneakerhead


Bobby Toub, better known by his online alias Bobby Solez, is an online content creator, streamer, YouTuber, Tiktoker, and Internet personality. Bobby Solez began his streaming career as a way to connect with his audience on social media, and to show off his sneakers, but quickly became addicted to the interactions with his audience. In August of 2019 Bobbysolez was hosted by Ninja on mixer for a whole 24 hours that opened Bobby’s eyes to what streaming as a career would look like. Bobby has gained over 750,000 followers across his social media’s while showing off his insane sneaker collection, doing funny skits on Tiktok, and his reactions to other creator's content. He doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon while living in Luminosity's Tiktok content house and helping LG's Tiktok rise to one of the biggest gaming organizations on the platform!


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