Canadian pride rings true with the announcement of our newest member, Agent00!  Born and raised in Ontario, Canada he has become a successful YouTube star with over 700,000 subscribers and growing.  His content focuses mainly on the popular basketball game series NBA2K.  Agent00 first got into gaming when his father brought home a PS1 at the young age of four.  The first game he ever played was Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time.  Socom was the game that changed his life as he was introduced to YouTube content creation for the first time. He created his YouTube account in 2013.  He got the name Agent00 after going through various names and decided to settle on one.  He also attended college where he was, fittingly a sports management major.  He will be creating content and streaming as part of Luminosity Gaming. 

"I feel grateful to represent such an iconic esports organization. To be among the very talented and entertaining people that make up Luminosity Gaming is an honor. I think LG Agent has a great ring to it and I can't wait to get started." - Agent00
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