Luminosity Gaming has seen tremendous success in battle royale game titles such as H1Z1:King of the Kill placing 2nd at the H1Z1 Elite Series and 3rd at the H1Z1 Fight for the Crown.  Our North American roster of Ninja, Drassel, chipzy, JP2, Aydren would then set their sights on the popular new game, Player's Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG).  Frequently topping the ranked leaderboards the squad traveled to Cologne, Germany to compete at Gamescom.  Again finding success, taking home 1st place in the 4v4 Squads TP and $80,000. As well as a Top 4 finish in 2v2 Duos from Ninja and chipzy. 

It's with that success that we proudly introduce to you our Brazilian roster of aXt, Tecnosh, yeTz, and SkipNhO.  Together they have an extensive history as competitive gamers and will be competing under the Luminosity banner moving forward.  Bruno "aXt" Habitzreuter previously competed in counter strike, dota, warcraft, league of legends and most notably as a professional H1Z1 player.  Joseph "Tecnosh" Touma frequently draws attention on his twitch page for his stellar play in PUBG.  With a background in H1Z1 frequently topping leaderboards he is a crucial addition to the team.  Tiago "SkipNhO" Lannes competed in H1Z1 previously and has now switched his focus to PUBG.  Perhaps the least experienced on the team, Mateus "yeTz" Duarte certainly is no stranger to competition.  He has competed in League of Legends in Brazil for several years before switching to battle royale game titles H1Z1 & PUBG. 

"I am extremely proud to widen our footprint in both the PUBG & Brazilian community. The Brazilian fans have given our organization so much over the years and their support is unyielding.  We have put together an exciting group of talented and experienced competitors.  To date we've amassed over $140,000 in prize money from battle royale tournaments.  It's early days and the future is bright.  We're all in and I can't wait to see our new squad in action." ~ Steve Maida, Founder of Luminosity Gaming 

As it stands the Luminosity Gaming battle royale rosters are as follows: 

North American Roster: 

Brazil Roster: