Today we announce the acquisition of the Hammers Esports Overwatch team, formerly known as Bird Noises. Please welcome JakesupertrainAvastrob420, & Voll to Luminosity Gaming.  Joining them will be manager/coach Precision and analyst OddWash.  Moving forward, in the interim they will be known as "LG Evil" while the existing Luminosity Overwatch team of SPREE, Mineral, EISSFIELDT, Hidan, Ube, and SuperPlouk will be known as "LG Loyal".  Fresh off back to back victories against the #2 ranked North American squad Immortals, LG Evil currently sits at #3 in North America and #5 in the World in the GosuGamers rankings. 

In 2015, Bird Noises started as a Team Fortress 2 team with current team members, train & Voll, which later transitioned to Overwatch in 2016 adding Jake, super, rob420.  Filling out the roster the team added in-game leader Verbo as support, who was later acquired by Immortals Overwatch team.  Feeling the void of losing their in-game leader and lacking the financial support of a sponsor, the team questioned disbanding and going their separate ways.  In this time of uncertainty, the team decided to stick together through thick and thin and added Avast as their new support.  The team would go on a 14 game winning streak, winning three straight Razer Rivalcade and Haste tournaments.  The roster was than signed by Hammers Esports in early January 2017.  The team showed no signs of slowing down, as they went on to take 1st place in the January Alienware Monthly Melee, despite entering it as the clear underdogs.  Since then, the team has accrued a 4-0 record in the OW Carbon Series and a 2nd place finish in the February Alienware Monthly Melee. 

"We are very excited to welcome LG Evil to the team.  It's in an incredibly talented group of young men who fought through adversity, and have proven they are a top team in the world.  What most impresses me about the team is their unwavering loyalty and belief in one another.  I think this specifically can be accredited to their success.  Personally, I've been captivated by Overwatch, frequently finding myself losing track of time while playing or watching.  I believe the future for the game and our teams looks bright and I look forward to watching and cheering them on heading into the OWL.  I also want to thank Hammers Esports for making the transition a smooth one. They have an eye for talent and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from them." ~ Steve Maida, CEO of Luminosity Gaming

"I'm really humbled and excited to be working alongside an organization with as much reach and commitment as Luminosity Gaming.  The opportunity to build a dynasty together does not come along so often. I'd also like to thank Hammers Esports for taking a chance on -bird noises- and giving us the opportunity to show our skills on larger stages in Overwatch. I look forward to seeing more from them in Overwatch and elsewhere in the esports world, as I know big things will be coming from that brand" - Jake, DPS for LG Evil 

The current LG Evil Overwatch roster is as follows: 

 Jacob "Jake" Lyon
 Matthew "Voll" Wallace
 Connor "Avast" Prince
 Robert "rob420" Garcia
 Matthew "super" DeLisi
 Rasheeq "train" Rahman

 Matthew "Precision" Cannon (coach/manager)
 Ruben "OddWash" Batres (analyst)