We’re pleased to introduce the new Luminosity Gaming H1Z1: King of the Kill team.  The roster will consist of Adrien “Aydren” Morales,  Tyler “Ninja” Blevin, Justin “JP2” Pate,  Cedrik “DrasseL” Lessard, Hogne “chipzy“ Krogsaether and will be coached by Lauren “GlitterXplosion” Laracuente.

Aydren placed 2nd in the TwitchCon Invitational 2016 while also collecting four 1st place finishes in Champions Arena.  Chipzy proved victorious, winning TA Proving Grounds - Season 1 DrasseL being the newest to the scene but is a rising talent.  Ninja is well known in the H1Z1 community as a live streamer, and for holding the #1 spot on NA ladders, along with the standing record for most kills in a solo game at 38.   JP2 started playing H1Z1 in late 2015, participating in the H1Z1 Showdown tournament, and won multiple Champions Arena & TA tournament games.

The rise in popularity for massively multiplayer arena shooter H1Z1:KOTK as a game to play, stream and watch is no secret.  It is frequently one of the highest viewed games on popular streaming site Professional gamers from a variety of different esports have gravitated towards the game as their go-to when they have free time.  In late February, Daybreak announced a $300,000 H1Z1: KOTK tournament.   Along with the tournament, Daybreak will be doing a six part "docuseries" titled H1Z1: Fight for the Crown. 

"We're all extremely pleased to be able to represent a prestigious organization like Luminosity Gaming heading into the Fight for the Crown $300,000 tournament. We have a great group of guys here with a strong passion for the game who have all been here since the beginning of H1Z1. We will do our absolute best to stand out as one of the strongest teams and hope to make the fans of LG proud."

“H1Z1:KOTK has proven to be an exciting and captivating experience for players and viewers alike.  Which makes sense given the game has frequently been referred to as the Hunger Games of esports.  The game is easy to understand, watch and play.  It can be explained in 60 seconds or less.  We believe the future for H1Z1:KOTK looks bright and it’s starting to look more and more like a bona fide esport.  It only makes sense that when a team as talented as this was presented to us, we jumped in with both feet.  We can’t wait to see them compete!” – Steve Maida, CEO