Sports and esports are uniting at a pace that very few would have imagined just a couple years ago.  As it turns out, some of the biggest names in traditional pro sports are also gamers and passionate esports fans.  Today we’re excited to welcome Trevor May of the Minnesota Twins to Luminosity Gaming!

When he’s not pitching in the MLB, Trevor can be found 'dropping the beat' as Lucio in Overwatch while streaming on twitch at  Though relatively new to the world of streaming, he’s already attracted a loyal and growing fanbase by interacting with his viewers through subscriber games, giveaways, tournaments and more. Give him a follow so you can tune in the next time he goes live.

"The first time I spoke to Trevor, we talked at length.  As the call ended, Trevor revealed to me that he was just about to start his baseball game.  I was pleasantly surprised and I think it speaks volumes about his passion for esports and gaming in general.  He is a genuine guy through and through and I couldn't be happier to welcome to Luminosity Gaming.  There is so much we can learn from the world of traditional sports, and I hope that Trevor can pass on some of his experience to our players and management." - Steve Maida, Luminosity Gaming 

“I’m really looking forward to working with Luminosity Gaming. They’ve quickly established themselves as one of the biggest names in esports, and as a passionate gamer myself, I'm excited to team up with LG and support them." - Trevor May, Minnesota Twins