Luminosity Gaming Halo team has added Cameron "VictoryX" Thorlakson to the starting roster, replacing Kevin "ECO" Smith. Cameron first started casually playing video games during the Super Nintendo/NES days, until SOCOM II for PS2 was released.  He found himself playing fanatically and his love for gaming was cemented.  Halo 2 came out soon after and the rest is history.  He purchased an XBOX a week after the game was released and he immediately noticed he was a naturally skilled player.  Fast forward to today and he's a feature name in the Halo community, most notably his successful time with Final Boss, where he won 3 tournaments in a row, including the National Championship to conclude Halo 3's competitive tenure.  In Halo 5, Cameron describes himself as being a versatile objective oriented player.  He joins LG with championship aspirations and anything short of that won't satisfy him.  

The LG Halo Roster:

 Brett "Naded" Leonard  
 Cameron "VictoryX" Thorlakson  
 Dan "Danoxide" Terlizzi   
 Visal "eL TowN" Mohanan