Luminosity Gaming is thrilled to announce our return to the competitive Hearthstone scene in a big way! We have been patiently waiting for months for the right opportunity to get back into one of Blizzard's most popular titles. With that we are proud to welcome  Keaton 'Chakki' Gill, Frank 'Fr0zen' Zhang, and Muzahidul 'Muzzy' Islam.   This lineup was brought together to be one of, if not the best teams in North America.  The team is no stranger to the top of the rankings and big finishes.  Fr0zen currently sits at #2 in North America on GosuGamers Rankings, #9 in the World and #3 on the Heathstone Championship Tour standings.  Chakki is ranked #4 in North America, #11 in the World and #7 on the Hearthstone Championship Tour standings.  Muzzy leads the Hearthstone Championship Tour standings at #1.   

Chakki was one of the first break out players of 2014. Since then he has become one of the most consistent top performing players in the world. In 2016 he qualified for the Americas Winter Championship and later on that year took gold at the first DreamHack Lan event held in Austin Texas. His next major challenge will be the Truesilver Cup 3 championship August 26th-29th

1st: DreamHack Austin 2016
top 8: 2016 HCT Americas Winter Championship
3rd: eSports Arena Invitational
3rd: Dreamhack Summer 2015
2nd: Root Gaming Invitational 2
3rd: Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational II
3rd ESL Legendary Series Season 2 Legendary series #3
2nd Kinguin For Charity- Easter Edition 2015
2nd ESL Hearthstone Legendary series-Season 1 Finals

2016 marks Fr0zen's debut into Hearthstones pro scene. Frozen made his name known by hitting #1 Legend on ladder then earning enough points for the HCT Americas Winter Preliminaries. As he joined the competitive tournament scene he applied the same dedication and discipline to carve his name into the rankings. His next challenge will be DreamHack Montreal.

2nd: DreamHack Summer
Top 16: DreamHack Austin
Top 16: MSi EGLX

Muzzy Is the undisputed HCT point leader sitting at 95 points. His top ladder performances and his dedication has made him the ultimate playtest partner. Muzzy's first taste of the competitive scene came from the Pinnacle 4 tournament  peating FRID. From there he took part in HPL,DreamHack Austin, while maintaining a strong presence in every open community cup to grind out HCT points. Muzzy's Next challenge will be DreamHack Montreal.

1st:  HCT 2016 Americas points 95
1st Pinnacle 4