Today we officially announce the newest acquistion by Luminosity Gaming, with the signing of European Overwatch roster '2sTroNk'.  Led by shotcaller, Vytis 'Mineral' Lasaitis with Arthur 'EISSFELDT' Marx, Jani 'Tseini' Kahkonen, Tim 'Manneten' Bylund, Dominik 'Ruster' Waffler, and Kalle 'Zave' Nilsson rounding out the lineup.  Currently ranked around the top 10 in the World (GosuGamers), the team consists of three Swedish players, 2 German players, and one player each respectfully from Norway and Finland.  Luminosity will be relocating the team in the near future to North America where they will have a gaming house, state of the art equipment and all the tools needed to focus on climbing the ranks! 

With that announcement it is with a heavy heart we announce the release of the former MixUp^ lineup.  With contracts set to renew shortly, both parties have decided to seek new opportunities.  It was a fun ride and we wish them the best in their new adventures! 

"We formed 2sTroNk with the ambition to become one of the best teams in the world, and our rapid improvement provided us with a lot of choices as offers poured in. We ultimately felt that Luminosity Gaming matched our aspirations better than any other organization and would provide us with the best possible opportunity to reach the top. Going abroad for extensive bootcamps is something we believe will help us solidify ourselves as one of the best Overwatch teams in the world, and we can't wait to get the process started. We are absolutely ecstatic to join LG, collectively venture into the world of professional e-sports and pull toward the common goal of excellence." - Mineral 

"Overwatch has taken the gaming scene by storm recently.  We continue to be passionately invested in the future success of the game as an esport.  Today I'm very happy to have landed 2sTroNK as the latest addition to the Luminosity family.  Besides them being extremely talented players, they are an awesome group of people.  They always make everyone laugh, and I can't wait to share their personalities and highlights with our fans." - Steve Maida, Founder of Luminosity Gaming

Vytis Lasaitis
Age: 23
Country: Sweden
Heroes played: Lucio, Ana
Past gaming experience: Long competitive history in Team Fortress 2, playing for several premiership teams. Casually played CS:GO and LoL.
Accomplishments: 1st Go4Overwatch Europe Monthly Final, 1st ESL Open Romania,1st ESL Community Cup #5

Name: Arthur Marx
Country: Germany
Heroes played: McCree, Soldier 76, Tracer, Reaper
Past gaming experience: Started gaming in 2008 with Left4Dead and fell in love with fps games. Also played Natural Selection 2 and Dirty Bomb
Accomplishments: 3/4th NS2 World Championship

Name: Jani Kähkönen
Country: Finland
Heroes played: Reaper, McCree, Genji, Widowmaker
Past gaming experience: Six-year Team Fortress 2 veteran
Accomplishments: TF2 sniper of the season, 2nd and 3rd in ETF2L highlander league as sniper

Name: Tim Bylund
Country: Sweden
Heroes played: All-arounder, Roadhog, Winston, Zarya
Past gaming experience: Started playing FPS games at a young age, starting with Counter-Strike 1.6.

Name: Dominik Waffler
Country: Germany
Heroes played: Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya
Past gaming experience: Started playing World of Tanks competitively at the age of 14.
Accomplishments: 1st European championship World of Tanks, 4th place in world championship

Name: Kalle Nilsson
Country: Sweden
Heroes played: Zenyatta, Mercy
Past gaming experience: Coaching Starcraft, Call of Duty at a semi-pro level