We are thrilled to announce that Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani has joined the Luminosity Gaming family. Voyboy, formerly of Team Curse, CLG, and Dignitas, is one of the founding fathers of the competitive League of Legends scene. He chose to defer enrollment from top universities in the U.S. to instead pursue a path in professional gaming and competed at the highest level internationally for over 4 years until his retirement in late 2014. His greatest accomplishment was achieving 2nd place at the IEM World Championships and being voted the MVP of the tournament. A perennial fan favorite, Voyboy now streams primarily League of Legends, on the popular online broadcasting platform, Twitch.TV, where he reaches, entertains, and educates tens of thousands of his fans at a time.

Voyboy had this to say:

"I'm really excited to be joining the Luminosity family and will represent the team with pride on my streams! Hopefully I can absorb some powers from their world class CS:GO team and hit Global Elite one day :) I am looking forward to this new chapter and I hope to interact with some new people on my stream. See you guys there!"

Founder of Luminosity Gaming, Buyaka, had this to say:

“I can’t be happier to announce the addition of Voyboy to LG. In the short time I’ve spent talking and getting to know Joedat, he has struck me as a very genuine person and left a lasting impression. He has the ability to captivate a massive audience, and is very approachable, kind, and humble. I’m happy to join and support him in his current and future endeavors. This is the beginning of something great!” 

You can check out and follow Voyboy at: