The team consisting of Vindictive, Victrix, Blushy, and OMGLOVE, will have it's first event under the LG banner at UMG South Carolina on February 12-14.  

VICTRIX has been competing in CoD since Black Ops I. Her primary role on the team is playing objective.  Follow my channels below:

VINDICTIVE has been playing CoD for a few year and is new to organized competition.  You can find her on Twitch most nights at the link below:

Florida born, Blush has been playing CoD since Call of Duty IV and got into the competitive scene in Black Ops II.  Her former teams consist of Reign, Stunner and Team Kaliber.  Follow her below:

OMGLOVE the only Canadian on the team has been playing CoD since Call of Duty IV.  Her favorite game mode is Search and Destroy.  She also loves competing at LAN and is looking forward to UMG.