Over the weekend, our Apex team made their debut, participated and were crowned the Champions in the $25,000 GLL Apex Legends Series EMEA Finals! With six games on Saturday and six games on Sunday, our team showed consistency with a strong start in the first match, coming in second place. With this being a point system, receiving points for both placement and kills, Luminosity gained a solid 15 points after the first game. In the fourth match, Luminosity placed second, but came out in first overall by outslaying the competition with nine total kills! To conclude day one of the tournament, the team took first place in the final match of the day, gaining an additional 20 points. As day two proceeded, Luminosity had a slower start, getting only two points in game seven. They picked it back up right away and placed in the Top 5 in the very next game and in game eleven, earned another victory. Overall, the Luminosity Apex team were crowned the Champions with a total of 50 kills, 2 wins, 62 placement points, earning and total of 112 points! Job well done!