Luminosity Gaming has more exciting news to share! We’re now entering the popular FPS game title, Rainbow Six Siege, signing the current first place team in the North American division, “92 Dream Team” which competes in the Rainbow Six Pro League.

The Rainbow Six Pro League is the most prestigious R6S competition featuring the best teams from all over the world, competing in their prospective regions.

The roster will consist of Muteeb “PiXeL” Chaudary, Tom “Tomas” Kaka, Richie “Rexen” Coronado, Kian “Hyena” Mozayani, Coal “awD” Phillips, and coached by Anthony “ViiRuS” Ybarra.

PiXel has played NA Challenger League for three seasons now with his first Pro League debut was with 92 Dream Team (now Luminosity) during Season 10. Previously known as a ranked star, he played at the highest level of competition and qualified for the United States National LAN by clutching a 1v4 against MouseSports in a nail biting series.

Tomas has been playing Rainbow 6 Siege since Season 1 on console and then transitioned to PC to make Invitation Year 2 Qualifiers. After being released from the now TSM roster as a coach, he was picked up by ‘92 Dream Team and placed 5th in the Challenger League. The team then secured their spot in playoffs and qualified for the Pro League.

Viirus is an ex-competitive Rainbow 6 player, now Coach for Luminosity Gaming. The ‘92 Dream Team had a great showing in the Challenger League after beating Soniqs. Shortly after, the team also played in the HyperX Minor as the teams first ever LAN event and had a Top 10 finish.

Hyena is our Team Captain and rose through the ranks of competitive R6 going from a T3 level to the Pro League in just six months. He adapted his mechanical skill from competitive CS:GO to fit his abilities as a siege player.

awD fell in love with competing back in High School while simultaneously doing track and cross country. Even though he was successful in those, it was an unfortunate situation where he hurt his Achilles in his senior year, which then he pursued competitive on Rainbow 6.

Rexen the Entry Fragger for the now Luminosity team. Himself and Hyena have been competing together since the beginning where he also went from a T3 level to the Pro League in just six months.

“We’ve been very impressed by the development of the R6S Pro League. Not only the viewership but the approach Ubisoft has taken to creating a stable esport.  The ecosystem is one that supports healthy growth for players and organizations alike. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to enter the scene with. 92 Dream Team are an amazing group of young men who have been able to achieve unlikely levels of success while previously juggling day jobs with a lack of resources. We’re excited to watch them soar under the Luminosity banner with the level of support they’ve earned.” - Steve Maida, President of Luminosity Gaming