We are excited to introduce the new Luminosity Gaming APEX LEGENDS team! The roster consists of returning LG H1Z1 members Justin “Yogi” Desse, Hogne “Chipzy” Krogsæther, and new comer Derek “Sloth” Diaz. 
Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game that was launched earlier in the year, in February. By the end of the first week of launch, the game had already surpassed 25 million players and over 50 million players within the first month.  It's one of the fastest growing player bases and a title we have big expectations for. 
Chipzy has been competing in Battle Royale games on a professional level for about three years now, beginning with H1Z1 in 2015 and then started competing the following year. He first joined us back in early March of 2017 as we entered the H1Z1 scene with notable placings in the H1Z1: FOTC and the H1Z1 Elite Series. Chipzy was also on our PUGB team when the squad, including Ninja, JP2, and Drassel was crowned the $80,000 Gamescom PUBG Invitational Champions! 
We announced our H1Z1: Pro League team in April 2018 where Yogi joined us in the first professional battle royale esports league. Yogi is no stranger in the battle royale community as he was competing in the early days of H1Z1, competing in both the H1Z1: FOTC and Elite Series tournaments as well.
Sloth was introduced to gaming by his older brother at a young age and would play Xbox with any spare time he had. He started competing for fun within his friend group before H1Z1 even entered the competitive scene. Soon after in 2017, the FOTC tournament was announced and Sloth would be one of the players partaking in the event.
We’re extremely pleased to have both Yogi and Chipzy back representing the Luminosity banner and also thrilled to welcome Sloth into the Luminosity family.