The ESL Pro League is the longest running professional CS:GO league in the world. Throughout the regular season, it’s split through the different regions with four groups based on seeding of the ESL World Ranking. Group winners instantly secure their spot in the finals, while coming in second or third of the group, allows for a shot at redemption. At the end of it all, sixteen of the best teams from around the globe will come together at the Sud de France Arena from June 21st to the 23rd for fight for their share of the $750,000 prize pool!
After Rogue disbanded, it left open a spot in the ESL Pro League, where we were granted the spot and so we had a lot to prove. LGCSGO fell into Group C alongside MIBR, C9 and Envy and over the course of a few days, each team would play against each other, all trying to prove themselves for their spot in the ESL Pro League Finals.

Our first match was against MIBR, where we were coming in as the underdogs with majority of predictions against our favor. LGCSGO came out on fire, shocking almost everyone, with a 2-0 victory over MIBR. The next evening, we found ourselves up against our next opponent, Cloud9. It was a back and forth battled but resulted in us dropping the series 1-2. A lot was on the line with our final match against Envy - win the series and come out at the top of the group to secure our spot in the $750K finals, or lose the series and end at the bottom of our group and not even have a shot at redemption. Envy fought hard and the series went the distance, but ultimately we came out victorious with a 2-1 series win and ticketed our spot in the ESL Pro League $750,000 Season 9 Finals! See you in France!