Known for their long history as top competitors in Team Fortress 2, the Mixup roster has shown to be a dominant force in the early beta phase of Overwatch. We are happy to support the team as they continue to improve in anticipation of the game's official release date on May 24th.

When asked, team captain Seagull, had this to say “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to represent Luminosity. We're a team with a long history in a small game and consider ourselves lucky to have found an organization with a close-knit atmosphere and proven track record, to match our own. We hope to do Luminosity proud.”

The new Luminosity Overwatch roster is as follows:

 Brandon “Seagull”  Larned  ( Twitter | Twitch ) 
 Anthony “Harbleu” Ballo  ( Twitter | Twitch ) 
 Yomar “Milo” Toledo   ( Twitter | Twitch ) 
 Brian “Pierow” Alesandro   ( Twitter | Twitch ) 
 James “Esper” Southall    ( Twitter | Twitch ) 
 Carl “Enigma” Yangsheng    ( Twitter | Twitch ) 

 Lynnea "
Shayed" MacKay (Team Manager)