Luminosity Gaming is thrilled to announce the signing of the best Madden player of all time, Eric "PROBLEM" Wright! This signing marks the start of Luminosity's EA sports division as we look to pioneer and spotlight the traditional sports games that we have all grown up playing year after year.  Luminosity is a championship caliber organization, and no stranger to the top of the World rankings in multiple game titles, and as such it only made sense to align ourselves with the best Madden player in the World as we embark on this new adventure.  

Wright, a 28 year old, West Covina, CA resident, has been playing Madden since 1993.  It wasn't until 2005 that he joined the competitive Madden scene.  Wright's mother had seen a tournament flyer at the families local Blockbuster store, and Wright was enrolled shortly after in his first competition.  Wright would go on to finish Top 8 in the tournament, but left feeling that he could have won the whole thing with more preparation.  He did exactly that and took another shot later in the year, where he won his first Madden tournament, and took home $1,500 for his efforts.  In Madden '06 he won his first of five Madden Challenge Regionals, but finished Top 16 at the Madden Challenge Finals.  A disappointing result for the hungry, determined Wright.   In 2007, Wright's father passed away right before he took home the ESPN Madden Nation Season 3 Finals trophy.  A placing Wright says "would have made my father proud".   In 2008, Wright soared to new heights with his most dominant campaign yet.  He won every Major Madden event that year, including ESPN 2 Show - Madden Nation with a prize pool of $100,000.  He also won the Madden Challenge Finals in Hollywood with a total prize of $60,000.  Wright would go on to accomplish a feat no player has before, by winning not only the Madden Nation but also a Madden Challenge in the same year.  The following years would yield similar results and more big prizes.  In 2010 he won $50,000 placing 1st and in 2013 he won $140,000. It wasn't all glitz and glamour though, and Wright is more than just a Madden virtuoso.  He is also a dedicated family man, a son and a husband. 

As the championships and podium finishes continued to stack up, Wright decided to try his hand in live streaming on popular website twitch.tv during the Madden 15 season.  He quickly took a liking to the level of engagement he experienced with his fan base.  A year ago today, he decided to chase his dream of being the greatest player ever, and subsequently quit his day job to become a full time player/streamer.  Wright convincingly knocked that goal out of the park, and now remains the greatest Madden player to ever play the game.  No stranger to the press, Wright has appeared on multiple media outlets such as ESPN, LA Times, NFL Network, among others.  Airing today, in cooperation with EA and the NFL, EA Sports Madden NFL America debuted on the NFL Network where Wright was featured playing the host of the show in a friendly game of Madden.  If you missed it, don't worry the show will air again today at 12:00 PM EST and than again on Sunday at 1:00 AM.  

"I quit my day job to live my dream and become a full-time gamer last September. I wouldn't be in this spot without the support of my Wife, my family and the Movement! I was approached by multiple organizations over these past few months but ultimately LG was the home for me. They are well established and everything I am looking for in an organization. I am happy to call LG my family and I am looking forward to bringing home championships for LG!" says Eric Wright about joining Luminosity. 

Luminosity CEO, Steve Maida had the following to say about the signing. "I'm delighted that Eric chose LG as his home.  He is an exceptional young man and talent and we are humbled and honored to have him on board.  The esports vs sports debate is a familiar narrative to many in the esports scene.  As such, both have established fan bases with different types of consumers, ranging from the die hard esports fan too the everyday working class fan who follows real sports and knows very little about esports.  We believe firmly that traditional sports games like Madden will serve an important role in bridging that gap." 

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Some of PROBLEM'S Accomplishments include:

1st - Madden Challenge Regional Champion 2006 (San Diego)
1st - Madden Challenge
1st - Regional Champion 2007 (Denver)
1st - Players Bowl Champion PS2 and Xbox
1st - 2007 (Philly) Madden Nation Season 3 Champion ESPN2 ($100,000)
1st - Madden Challenge Region Champion 2008 (Dallas)
1st - Madden Challenge Finals
1st - Champion 2008 (Hollywood $60,000)
1st - Players Bowl Champion XB360 (Philly)
1st - Madden Challenge Regional Champion 2009 (san diego)
1st - Madden Challenge
1st - Regional Champion 2010 (MLG Dallas $5,000)
1st - Madden Challenge Finals
1st - Champion 2010 (MLG Miami $50,000)
1st - Crew vs Crew Champion Big City Ohio
1st - 2013 Madden Challenge Finals Champion 2013 (Virgin Gaming $140,000)
3rd - Madden Challenge Final 4 2016 (Sam Francisco $3500)
2nd- Madden Championship 2nd place 2016 (Los Angeles $10,000)